AVMA Representation

As an allied organization of the AVMA, the AAVC has a voice in the AVMA decision-making process. The AAVC has 2 members in the House of Delegates (HOD). The HOD votes on all major AVMA resolutions and amendments. All current issues can be found on the AVMA website under the House of Delegates.

As a member of the AAVC, please feel free to contact your AAVC representatives if you have comments on issues before the HOD.

AVMA Delegate

Photo of AAVC AVMA Delegate

Barbara Dallap Schaer, VMD
University of Pennsylvania
[email protected]

AVMA Alternate Delegate

Photo of AAVC AVMA Alternate Delegate

Elizabeth (Beth) Davis, DVM
Kansas State University
[email protected]