AAVCAmerican Association of Veterinary Clinicians

AAVC Residents' Professional Development and Leadership Conference - Atlanta, GA Power Point Presentations & Schedule:

Session 1: Focus on Careers in Academia and Personal & Professional Success

Why choose a career in academic clinical veterinary medicine? Perspectives of a department head and hospital director - Dr. Rustin Moore, The Ohio State University and Dr. Pat LeBlanc, Michigan State University

Successful transition from resident to faculty: Keys to success (Dos and don'ts) - Dr. Lizette Hardie, North Carolina State University

Personal financial management - Dr. Roger Fingland, Kansas State University

Keynote Speaker - Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health

"Musings of a small animal student, turned equine surgeon, turned researcher, turned administrator, turned educator: Building and sustaining a successful and satisfying career in academic clinical veterinary medicine" - Dr. James N. Moore, University of Georgia

Session 2: Focus on Teaching and Learning

Approaches to effectively engage students during didactic lectures - Dr. John Bonagura, The Ohio State University

How to write good exam questions to assess students' knowledge and understanding - Dr. Bonnie Rush, Kansas State University

Effective small group teaching in a clinical setting - Dr. Kathy Salisbury, Purdue University

Session 3: Focus on Research and Scholarship

Turning a clinical question into a testable hypothesis - Dr. Lauren Trepanier, University of Wisconsin

Lessons learned from our past cases: Prospective versus retrospective studies - Dr. Michelle Barton, University of Georgia

Funding sources and strategies for applied research - Dr. Kate Meurs, North Carolina State University

Session 4: Focus on Communication in Clinical Practice

Keys to effective communication to achieve/maintain competitive edge and to make cases go more smoothly with clients and RDVMs for sustainability of caseload and clinical program ("External Communication") - Dr. Corinne Sweeney, University of Pennsylvania

Keys to effective team-based (resident-faculty-technician-nontechnical staff-student) communication in the clinical setting and the impact of poor communication on patient care ("Internal Communication") - Dr. Karen Cornell, University of Georgia