AAVCAmerican Association of Veterinary Clinicians

AAVC Business Meeting and

Department Heads and Hospital Directors Meeting


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Westin Airport - Atlanta, GA


I. Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Bonnie Rush, President

II. Minutes   (Attachment A)

There was a motion made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes from the 2010 AAVC Business Meeting.

III. President’s Report – Dr. Bonnie Rush (Attachment B)

Dr. Rush gave an update on the SLOR. A survey of about 900 2011 SLOR readers and writers was conducted to find out what people wanted. Dr. Rush provided a summary of the results. Writers reported that they liked the SLOR and that it was easy to complete and submit.

The readers did not like it as much. The readers felt the information exaggerated the qualifications of the applicants. The readers would like for the writers to address some kind of weakness for each candidate.

Writers felt that if they say anything that is not 100% positive, their candidate would be negatively impacted. Some writers did not like that they had to submit two separate SLOR for individuals who applied to both internships and residencies.

60% of the people felt that 300 words for the free-text section were sufficient. Over 70% of the readers felt there was a likelihood of grade inflation. In general, people liked the SLOR over the NLOR; however, there was a lot of concern that it was impossible to tell if the writers were completely honest.

The SLOR Review Committee will survey SLOR writers and readers from the 2011 VIRMP and consider changes for the 2012 VIRMP.

IV. President Elect’s Report – Dr. Rustin Moore

The Executive Committee discussed holding an Academic Leadership Workshop for residents. The purpose would be to recruit residents into academia early in their career and to offset negative things they hear. The cost of attending for at least one resident from each of the 32 Colleges of Veterinary Medicine would be covered by the AAVC. We would hold it at the same time as the Department Heads and Hospital Directors Meeting.

V. Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Roger Fingland (Attachment C)

Dr. Fingland presented the Secretary/Treasurer Report. He noted that the VIRMP rank order fees have increased due to the new tiered application system resulting in an additional $100,000 in income.

There was a motion made, seconded and carried to approve the Secretary Treasurer’s Report.

VI. AVMA – Dr. Mimi Arighi (Attachment D)

Dr. Arighi highlighted the activity of the AVMA House of Delegates. Dr. Arighi is a member of the Education and Research Committee.

In January, there was a report from the Treasurer and eighty-five percent of veterinarians in the US are members of the AVMA.

A task force was instituted to look at the Model Veterinary Practice Act.

The Veterinarian’s Oath was revised.

The House of Delegates discussed having open voting so others would know how everyone voted. However, that was turned down.

VII. Nominating Committee – Dr. Bonnie Rush

Dr. Rush reported that the following individuals were nominated and subsequently elected to officer positions for the 2011-2012 year:

President-Elect                         Dr. Ron McLaughlin

Secretary-Treasurer                               Dr. Roger Fingland

VIII. Awards Committee – Dr. Corinne Sweeney (Attachment E)

The Awards Committee consisted of David Hodgson, Ann Johnson, David Senior, Elizabeth Spangler and Chair Corinne Sweeney.


There were 7 nominees for the Resident Award. The following individuals were selected:

        Dr. Rosa Barsnick, Ohio State University, Large Animal Internal Medicine

        Dr. Jessica Quimby, Colorado State University, Small Animal Internal Medicine


There were 3 nominations for the faculty achievement award.  The following individual was selected:

        Dr. Paul Lunn, Colorado State University

IX. VIRMP Report – Dr. Roger Fingland (Attachment F)

Dr. Fingland presented the 2011 VIRMP Report.

X. Presenters

The following individuals gave presentations to the meeting attendees.

  • Dean’s Expectations for Department Heads and Hospital Directors - Dr. Elizabeth Stone
  • Dean’s Expectations for Department Heads and Hospital Directors - Dr. Trevor Ames
  • Faculty Evaluation Process - Leah Cohn
  • Faculty Evaluation Using an Electronic Reporting System and a Senior Faculty Committee - Dr. Paul Lunn
  • Faculty Annual Review - Dr. Rustin Moore
  • Building a Clinical Trials Program - Dr. Cindy Otto
  • Use of a Dashboard System to Track VTH Metrics and the Lean/Six-Sigma Program - Dr. David Lee

Respectfully submitted,


Jonathan W. Austin

Executive Director