AAVCAmerican Association of Veterinary Clinicians

AAVC Business Meeting Minutes

Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel

April 2, 2009

8:15 a.m .


  1. Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Pat LeBlanc, President

Roll Call of Attendees – 23 in attendance


Dr. LeBlanc noted the AAVC website was live at AAVCvet.org.

He took a moment to recognize all the officers and those in new positions and noted that the business meeting has been shortened to allow for more time to discuss the VIRMP.

  1. Minutes  - (Attachment A)

There was a motion made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes from the 2008 AAVC Business Meeting.


  1. President’s Report – Dr. Pat LeBlanc (Attachment B)

Dr. LeBlanc noted that during his presidency there had been some discussion about whether or not we should have our second meeting each year.  It was decided to leave it up to the discretion of the current president.  In 2009 it has been decided to host that meeting.     

Dr. LeBlanc noted that Department Heads and Hospital Directors Meeting would be held in Alexandria VA in 2010 in conjunction with AAVMC. 

  1. President’s Elect Report –Dr. Paul Lunn (Attachment C)

Dr. Lunn noted there was a one page yellow sheet that gave an overview of a scope of work for an online letter of reference system in the meeting packets.  There are two objectives:  paperwork reduction and lessening the burden on faculty.

AAVC will host its Annual Educational forum in conjunction with the ACVIM meeting on Thursday, June 4 in Montreal from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.  Because many of the specialists will be in town the previous day it is his hope there will be a larger attendance. 

  1. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report  - Dr. Roger Fingland (Attachment D)

Dr. Fingland presented the Secretary/Treasurer’s Report .  He described the CD program in which the AAVC has invested.  He noted that the investments were made prior to the FDIC raising the limits on how much an individual bank is insured.  That is why none of the CD’s in AAVC’s portfolio are over $100,000.00.  He said we are on track to exceed our budget for the year. 

He reviewed the Balance Sheet, the Income and Expense report, the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual and the Previous Year End Income and Expense report. 

There was a motion made, seconded and carried to approve the Secretary Treasurer’s Report.

  1. AVMA Delegate Report – Dr. Mimi Arighi (Attachment E)

Dr. Arighi presented the AVMA Delegate’s report.  She had attended the AVMA’s House of Delegates meeting in January.  She provided a written report that was included in the meeting packets.


  1. Nominating Committee Report – Dr. Pat LeBlanc

Dr. LeBlanc reported the following individuals were nominated and subsequently elected to officer positions for the 2009-2010 year:

President-Elect                                        Dr. Bonnie Rush

Secretary-Treasurer                               Dr. Roger Fingland

AVMA Alternate Delegate                   Dr. Mimi Arighi

  1. Awards Committee – Dr. Corinne Sweeney (Attachment F)

Awards Committee Chair Dr. Corinne Sweeney gave the report. The following were the 2009 AAVC Award Winners:

Resident Award - There were six nominees .

Dr. Kelsey Hart                          University of Georgia

Dr. Brian Scansen                     The Ohio State University

Faculty Award

Dr. Robert Sherding                                The Ohio State University


Respectfully submitted,

Molly K. McKee

Executive Director