AAVCAmerican Association of Veterinary Clinicians

American Association of Veterinary Clinicians

Department Heads and Hospital Directors

Business Meeting

The Inn at Penn, Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, March 20, 2003


I.             Introductions and Welcomes - Dr. Corinne Sweeney


President Sweeney welcomed the department heads and hospital directors to the 2003 meeting.


II.            Approval of Previous Business Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2002


Dr. Sweeney brought the minutes of the previous business meeting on March 15, 2002 under consideration. Dr. Garvey moved to approve the minutes.  The motion was seconded by Dr. Senior and carried.


III.          President’s Report - Dr. Corinne Sweeney


Dr. Sweeney noted the AAVC would hold an Annual Forum in conjunction with the ACVIM meeting however; there would be no Forum at the ACVS meeting.  Dr. Sweeney expressed appreciation to Merial for their generous contribution for sponsorship of the web-based matching program. 


Annette Darcey with the Student Chapter of the AVMA would address the Department Heads and Hospital Directors as there are requesting a formal liaison with the AAVC.


The Executive Committee of the AAVC is close to signing a contract with Solutions Innovations and Jonathan Austin for conducting the future match programs.  Also, the Executive Committee has signed a renewal of the Association Management Contract with the CraigKing Management Contract for the next three years.


IV.          President-Elect Report - Dr. Doug Allen


Dr. Allen expressed appreciation to Dr. Garvey for his excellent work as Match Chair and completing another excellent match program. He congratulated Dr. Corinne Sweeney on efficient and effective leadership as president.


He reviewed the outlined program for the AAVC Forum to be held at the ACVIM Forum in Charlotte, NC.  The program is entitled, "The Changing Roles of the Internist Specialist in Today's Market."   There was discussion on continuing with the meeting at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine or holding the AAVC annual Meeting in conjunction with another national meeting.  He encouraged members to contact him with suggestions on ideas and topics for the next Department Heads and Hospital Directors meeting.


V.            Secretary-Treasurer’s Report - Dr. Roger Fingland


In the absence of the Treasurer, Dr. Sweeney reviewed the Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Attachment I).  There was brief discussion on income and expenses.  It was moved to approve the Treasurer's Report. The motion was seconded and carried.


VI.          AVMA Delegates Report - Dr. D. J. Krahwinkel


Dr. Krahwinkel reviewed his report (Attachment II).  He reported on the AVMA House of Delegates activities and the election results of the AVMA.


VII.         Committee Reports


                A.  2003 Internship Residency Match - Dr. Michael Garvey


Dr. Garvey expressed his appreciation to Dr. Krahwinkel for his work as AAVC Delegate to the AVMA.


Dr. Garvey reviewed the Intern and Residency Statistics Report (Attachment III).  He reviewed two problems that were encountered with this year’s match and their resolutions. The first problem was an applicant who withdrew from the Match after the deadline via e-mail and was not taken out of the computer match process.  The applicants subsequently matched and the institution was required to find another applicant to fill the position.  Also, a program changed the number of positions available from two to one, however, the change was not saved and the program matched two positions.   The institution was able to find another position for the additional match.


He reviewed the history of the match and how the online match came about with the development of the software by Solutions Innovations that was almost 100% reliable.  He expressed appreciation to Dr. Robert Martin for his work on moving the match online and to Merial for their sponsorship of the online match.


B.  Nominating Committee Report - Dr. Corinne Sweeney


Dr. Sweeney noted the Nominating slate for the upcoming year.  Two candidates running for President-Elect were Dr. Cecil Moore and Dr. David Senior.  The Secretary-Treasurer candidate was Dr. Roger Fingland.  It was moved and seconded to close nominations and accept the report.  The motion carried. 


C.  Awards Committee - Dr. Anthony Knight


In the absence of the Chair, Dr. Sweeney reported that Dr. Barrak Pressler of North Carolina State University and Dr. Nicola Pusterla of the University of California were the recipients of the 2003 Resident Awards.


Dr. Sweeney then presented the 2003 Faculty Achievement Award to Dr. Michael Schaer with the University of Florida.   Dr. Schaer expressed his appreciation for the Award ands received the applause of the Department Heads and Hospital Directors in attendance.


                D. Constitutions and By-Laws Committee - Dr. Charles Knecht


                                No report.


VIII.       AVMA Liaison - Dr. Henry Childers


Dr. Childers reported on the activities of the AVMA.  There was discussion with the American Board of Veterinary Specialist on the use of the term "Specialist." The AVMA Convention had 3,789 veterinarians in attendance.  Dr. Childers reviewed the nominations for the council vacancies for the upcoming convention.  He stated vacancies on the Council on Education, Council on Veterinary Research and the Council on Clinical Pharmacology.  He encouraged those interested to submit nominations by June 15, 2003.  The AVMA was conducting a Mentoring Program to help increase membership in the AVMA. Dr. Childers noted the creation of the American Association of Veterinary Association Executives. He reviewed various states that were experiencing threats to Veterinary Practice Acts. 


Dr. Childers welcomed questions from the Department Heads and Hospital Directors.  There was discussion on the ECFVG and PAVEE programs being debated by the AVMA and the American Association of State Veterinary Medical Board. There was extended discussion on this issue.

Other issues raised included Acupuncture Medicine by unlicensed practitioners; status of Veterinary economics; the use of animals in education and the AVMA stance on this issue.


IX.          Old Business


No report.


X.            New Business


                No report.


XI.          Adjournment


There being no other business before the department heads and hospital directors, it was moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded and carried.


Respectively submitted,


Thomas J. King

Executive Director


Note: The attachments were distributed at the meeting. If you would a copy of any attachment, please contact the AAVC.