AAVCAmerican Association of Veterinary Clinicians


American Association of Veterinary Clinicians

Department Head and Hospital Director Meeting

March 18-20, 2000


(This meeting held in conjunction with AA VMC in Washington, DC)


AAVC Business Meeting - Saturday, March 18, 2000


  • Minutes provided by Mr. King


AAVC General Session - Saturday, March 18, 2000


  • Innovation in 21st Century Clinical Education - Dr. Billy Hooper (Attachment A)


  • Development, Organization and Direction of a Non-traditional Preceptorship Program for Senior Students - Dr. Karl White (Attachment B)


  • Community Partnerships for Teaching Surgical Electives and the Clinical Specialists’ Tract at University of Minnesota: Benefits and Consequences to Students and Faculty - Dr. Jane Armstrong (Attachment BB)


  • Preliminary Considerations for Establishing an Educational Relationship with Remote Clinical Facilities and Emergency Clinics

            Dr. Mimi Arighi - (Attachment C)

            Dr. Kurt Clark - (Attachment D)


  • Veterinary Dental Education in Clinical Environment - Dr. Heidi Lobprise (Attachment E)


  • Adjourn - 5:30pm


AAVC General Session - Sunday, March 19, 2000


  • Private Practice centered Instruction in Ambulatory Medicine - Dr. Dale Bjorling (Attachment F)


  • Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Patient Appointment Scheduling, Resolution of Conflicting Missions and Priorities - Dr. Robert Martin (Attachment FF)


  • Roundtable - Unique Clinical Experiences


    • Dr. Corine Sweeney - Penn (Attachment G)
    • Dr. Brad Smith - California
      • Dairy preceptorship
      • Behavior service


    • Dr. Steve Rowell - Tufts
    • Dr. Eleanor Green and Cohn Burrows - Florida (Attachment H)


    • Dr. Wendell Nelson - Colorado State (Attachment I)


    • Dr. Doug Allen - Georgia

                                                Controlled Drug Dispensing Units


    • Dr. D.J. Krahwinkel - Tennessee (Attachment J)


    • Dr. Rich Bednarski - Ohio State (Attachment K)


    • Dr. Mike Bernstein - Angehl

Veterinarian’s Assistant Program


    • Dr. Mimi Arighi - Purdue

                                                Business program at Business School


    • Dr. Kirk Clark - Purdue

                  Off-campus blocks

            Application and Integration course in freshman year


  • Dr. David Williams - Texas A&M


  • Dr. Cecil Moore - Missouri (Attachment L)


  • Dr. Dale Bjorling - Wisconsin

            Instructional program for practitioners - dairy

Seeking opportunities for increasing availability of cadaveric models

            Students providing care for special species at Humane Society


  • Dr. Michael Schaer Florida


  • Dr. John Kirkpatrick - Oklahoma State

            Spay/neuter program at Oklahoma City

            ICU: 7X24 technical coverage, critical care specialist, I                                    interns/residents utilized


(11:30am Executive Committee excused to meet with AAVMC)


  • Dr. Rick Hackett - Cornell

Embarking on formal evaluation of clinical rotations, externships, etc.

            Elective course in alternative medicine was voted down by faculty

         Web-based system that allows RDVM’s to view records of patients they refer


  • Dr. Curtis Probst - Michigan State

            Outreach experiences for students - Dominican Republic, etc.

Vet Camp - first one was last summer, middle school kids, 780 applications


  • Dr. Charlie DeCamp - Michigan State

            Special Projects initiative - students design their own course


  • Dr. Jerry Hankes - Auburn

Psychology graduate student works with students on oncology service

            Developing an artificial organ museum


  • Dr. Eugene Janzen - Saskatoon

            Saskatoon Student Feedlot Rotation

            Manitoba Equine Pregnancy Testing

            Equine Ranching Gelding Laboratory


  • Dr. Bob Sherding - Ohio State

            Use state prison system for dairy experience

Clinical rotations begin in March of the junior year - last 10 weeks of senior year are elective for external rotations

            Acupuncture services offered - also an elective course

            Grade all senior rotations on line

            Spay/neuter program at local Humane Societies


  • Dr. Charlie Knecht - Auburn (Attachment M)


  • Dr. Bob Martin - Virginia Tech (Attachment N)


  • Dr. Roger Fingland - Kansas State (Attachment O)


NOTE: Dr. Harvey defines NEUTER!


  • Roundtable - Facilitating Research


    • Dr. Cohn Burrows - Florida

            Feral cat population - use for clinical research


    • Dr. Tony Knight - Colorado State (Attachment P)


    • Dr. D.J. Krahwinkel - Tennessee (Attachment Q)


    • Dr. Bob Sherding - Ohio State

Accommodate flexible appointment for faculty who need more research time

            Try to have three faculty in each specialty

VTH revenue has increased more rapidly than DCS - VTH support some residents


    • Dr. Curtis Probst - Michigan State

Appointed a director of clinical research from the departmental faculty

            Tobacco money from settlement going to research

            Focus development efforts on money for research


    • Dr. Cecil Moore – Missouri (Attachment R) (Attachment S)


    • Dr. Roger Fingland - Kansas State (Attachment T)
    • Dr. Robert Martin - Virginia/Maryland (Attachment U)


  • Breech in Controlled Substances Procedures - Dr. Robert Martin (Attachments V and W)


  • Adjourn 4:15pm



Joint AAVC and AAVMC Session - Monday, March 20, 2000



Submitted by,


Roger B Fingland, DVM

Kansas State University